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Doubling Output While Going Green

Nestled in Two Wells, South Australia, the d'VineRipe tomato glasshouse complex exemplifies innovation in sustainable agriculture. Faced with the challenge of doubling their production capacity, they needed a solution that maximized output while minimizing environmental impact. Munters' cutting-edge climate control technology proved to be the perfect answer.

Scaling Up While Staying Green

D'VineRipe's initial 8-hectare phase already relied on Munters fans and CELdek® pads. This system had proven its worth by consistently maintaining ideal growing conditions (24-28°C temperature and 65-75% humidity) regardless of the harsh external climate (-2°C to +47°C). Expanding to a massive 17 hectares demanded a solution to maintain this success story.

The Secret to Success

The expansion seamlessly adopted the existing Munters system. Here's how it delivers exceptional results:

  • Precise Climate Control: Munters' technology ensures a consistently comfortable environment for the tomatoes, promoting optimal growth.
  • Reduction of Water Usage: The cooling and humidification process utilizes water solely from sustainable sources, reducing environmental strain.
  • Exceptional Fruit Quality: Leon Maree, General Manager, highlights the system's contribution to their high percentage of "first-grade" tomatoes, crediting the precise climate control for this achievement.

The System Breakdown:

  • 6,010 units of Munters CELdek® Pads (height 1500mm and thickness 150mm): These high-quality, algae-resistant pads effectively regulate temperature and humidity.
  • Munters Fans: These fans work in conjunction with the pads to ensure proper air circulation and optimal cooling.
  • Munters Gutter System: This corrosion-resistant system securely houses the pads, facilitating easy installation, maintenance, and water recycling.

A Sustainable and High-Yielding Future

By adopting Munters' climate control solution, d'VineRipe has successfully doubled its tomato production while prioritizing environmental sustainability. Munters' technology ensures optimal growing conditions for their tomatoes, leading to superior fruit quality and a thriving business. This win-win scenario positions d'VineRipe as a leader in sustainable and high-yielding agriculture.

fatos rápidos

  • Consistent temperature and humidity control
  • Higher than average percentage of first-grade tomatoes
  • Predictable and higher ROI than with field-grown crops
  • Reduced risk of disease
  • Reduced use of herbicide/pesticide
  • Reduced water and power consumption

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