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Tomatoes grown in a greenhouse

Cold spells no longer a threat for tomato grower

Sun-drenched Sicily boasts the charming city of Scicli, renowned for its Baroque architecture and a thriving tomato industry. Among the area's leading producers is the Muriana family, whose expertise in horticulture stretches back generations.

Protecting Crops from Temperamental Winters

Sicily's mild winters and hot summers provide an ideal environment for tomato cultivation. However, occasional cold spells pose a significant threat. Even a brief dip below freezing can devastate crops, while slightly above-freezing temperatures can hinder growth and delay fruiting. Additionally, high mid-season humidity creates ideal conditions for fungal and bacterial diseases.

A Recipe for Success

In 2003, the Muriana family partnered with Munters to create a climate control solution that safeguards their crops. This comprehensive system incorporates several key elements:

  • GP130 Heaters: Equipped with oil burners, these heaters maintain optimal temperatures during chilly periods, preventing thermal shock to the plants. A suitable heat distribution is guaranteed by the use of plastic perforated ducts.
  • EMT30 Jetfan Circulators: These innovative air circulators ensure efficient hot air distribution throughout the greenhouse, minimizing heater operation time and promoting plant health. They also play a crucial role in air destratification, regulating humidity levels and preventing disease outbreaks.
  • EM50 Exhaust Fans: These extraction fans helped to control humidity by expelling humid air during early mornings and helping to cool down the greenhouse during peak summer temperatures.

Consistent Quality and a Thriving Business

Giuseppe Muriana is a firm believer in the Munters system's effectiveness. He acknowledges, At the end of each production cycle, the products are always in the best condition thanks to the accurate climate control provided by Munters climate solution." This optimized climate not only safeguards crops but also contributes to the consistent high quality of their tomatoes.

Munters' climate control system has empowered the Muriana family to overcome the challenges of unpredictable Sicilian weather. With a protected environment, they can focus on what they do best – cultivating delicious and healthy tomatoes.

fatos rápidos

  • The greenhouse temperature is kept under control
  • Stable humidity levels
  • RH reduced

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