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Climate expedition by sea gets help to keep moisture at bay

In 1999, Dario Schwörer, a Swiss climatologist and international ski and mountain guide, and his wife, Sabine Schwörer, set out on a journey to teach the world about climate change and spread the message of hope. They named their expedition TOPtoTOP with the goal to be the first to travel the seven seas and reach the highest peaks on each continent.

Keeping moisture at bay – a constant struggle at sea

Keeping moisture at bay on a sailboat is a constant struggle, especially at high latitudes. Damp air and moisture can rot wood, rust metal and cause mold and mildew problems. It also makes life on board uncomfortable.

Dario and his family share a space no larger than twenty square meters. In addition to living with three other people, they are often visited by school children and students eager to learn about their life and experiences at sea.

“One day in March while we were in Norway, we had 200 students visiting our sailboat,” Dario says. “It was a rainy day – everything was wet. In the past, we have always been worried about moisture and condensation, but this year was different. Thanks to Munters’ dehumidifier, we have enjoyed a warm boat and even been able to dry our wet clothes and laundry. It has felt like any other cozy home on land.”

The Munters MG90 desiccant dehumidifier is designed to efficiently and effectively dehumidify up to 90m³/h of air, and this compact construction is held together by four bolts. The fan, desiccant rotor and reactivation heater are secured in a fixed position within their respective sections without the use of additional support. It weighs only 10 kg and is no bigger than 275 mm (width and depth) by 392 mm (height).

Its robust housing is constructed of corrosion-resistant cast aluminum, and it can be secured with a wall bracket or with straps. The unit is perfect for smaller spaces such as sailboats, portable applications and traveling exhibitions. Only standard power is required. It has been used by research facilities with test chambers and long-term dry storage facilities such as archives, ammunition and seed storage facilities.

“Munters changed our climate on board for the better,” adds Dario, “and made it so much more fun to travel at high latitudes.” Munters has been a proud sponsor of the TOPtoTOP expedition since 2019.

Today, the couple is still at sea. The only change is that they are accompanied by their six children and three researchers. Their mission: reach out to as many young people as possible about the importance of respecting and protecting the planet and share innovative, sustainable solutions with the communities they interact with.

fatos rápidos

  • No condensation
  • No mold build-up
  • Controlled moisture levels

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