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Achieving optimal hygiene through dehumidification

Holeki is a semi-industrial wholesale bakery specializing in the production of dry baked goods. The company offers an especially wide range of high-quality baked goods, both fresh and frozen. It combines traditional, artisanal quality with automated production methods and excellent service to give its cakes unmatched added value.

Holeki is a tried and tested supplier and counts higher-end supermarkets among its customers. It also operates in the aviation catering sector. A few years ago, the company asked Munters if they could provide a solution which would help fight condensation and mould, and Munters delivered.

Holeki not only has extremely exacting demands of the quality of its products, but of its services too. This vision infl uences all aspects of Holeki’s business. It is immediately clear how strict the company’s quality standards are upon entering its premises. With hygiene and cleanliness strictly monitored, it is abundantly apparent why Holeki is certified to ISO 22000 and IFS standards.

The production quality standards are extremely high. Astrid Van den Berghe, Production and Sales Manager, explains: “A few years ago we found mould in both of our storage refrigerators, and as a result we immediately started looking for a partner to help us eliminate it.”

Moisture management

Since the refrigerators had to be cleaned every day, there was always a lot of moisture left. This provides the perfect conditions for further mould growth.

“We had to get the humidity situation under control,” says Ven den Berghe. “I am happy to say we have managed this using Munters’ dehumidifiers. We could see the change almost immediately. Our cleaners arrive on site in the evening, and when we come to work the next morning, everything is dry. There is no further condensation or mould build-up. This is an essential prerequisite for us. We can now rest assured that we will not find any bacteria and that our products will remain of the highest quality.”

Holeki didn’t stop with just a single dehumidifier. Munters fitted a second dehumidifier in the washing station, which is traditionally a very humid place. A dehumidification unit was also installed in the freezer, although it wasn’t mould that was the issue there. It’s all about preventing ice building up on the evaporator of the cooling system itself.

“We have brought these three projects to a successful conclusion with Munters’ assistance,” adds Van den Berghe, “and we can look back at this team effort with a great sense of satisfaction. Holeki and Munters have grown to know each other very well, and the level of trust between us is high.”

If you would like to learn how our solutions can help your business, get in touch today and speak to one of our expert sales engineers.

fatos rápidos

  • No droplets of condensation
  • Hygienic workspaces
  • No humidity problems
  • A stable climate all year round
  • No ice build-up in the freezer

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