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Master Your Summer Production Now!

Master Your Summer Production Now!

While record high temperatures grab the headlines, it’s the often- overlooked culprit of humidity that wreaks havoc on materials and products. Whether it’s food and pharmaceutical production, ensuring people’s comfort, or simply safeguarding your facility, ensuring the optimal humidity level offers a range of benefits that can be enjoyed all year round. Moisture build-up peaks during sticky summer days. Don’t let excess moisture ruin your productivity or compromise product quality.

  • Control Condensation & Excess Moisture

    Control Condensation & Excess Moisture

    Our advance systems maintain optimal humidity levels to prevent costly equipment malfunctions and repairs, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.

  • Prevent Refrigeration Equipment Failing

    Prevent Refrigeration Equipment Failing

    Our solutions protect your products and profits by preventing spoilage, corrosion, and other damages caused by high humidity levels, ensuring safety of your inventory and securing profits

  • Halt product Sticking, Lumping and Caking

    Halt product Sticking, Lumping and Caking

    Dehumidification solutions specifically designed to combat any production errors caused by high humidity levels. Without climate control Issues such as sticking in conveying lines, caking, lumping and damage in packaging can severely impact quality.

  • Prevent Fluctuating Ambient Conditions

    Prevent Fluctuating Ambient Conditions

    An optimised climate control will: 

    • Ensure condensation control all year round
    • Improve workers safety  
    • Enhance energy efficiency
    • Lower waste 
    • Reduce labour costs  

Humid days affecting your production? Munters can help!

With decades of industry experience, Munters knows how to precisely control the production climate by stabilizing humidity levels. Optimised climate control prevents unplanned production stoppages, improves product quality, and increases output even during those sticky summer days.

Service your dehumidifier for low-energy consumption

If you are using Munters equipment to control your climate, then we recommend you service it regularly to make sure it’s running at maximum capacity while using as little energy as possible. Book an energy audit with our Service engineers to give your dehumidification system the attention it deserves.

Success Stories

  • De Trog

    De Trog

    De Trog, an organic bakery in Ypres, Belgium, has grown into a modern bakery with 120 employees. They prioritize bread quality and food safety, and Munters' IceDry concept helps maintain ideal freezer conditions.

    Read the full story here (EN)

  • Fairfax London

    Fairfax London

    Fairfax London chose Munters to control humidity in their meat maturation rooms. Munters supplied three MLT800 desiccant dehumidifiers, helping Fairfax London produce premium dry-aged beef.

    Read the full story here (EN)

  • NewCold


    In 2013 Germany’s first fully automated cold store was built by KLM Logistic in the city of Rheine in north western Germany. Munters was able to provide the dehumidification systems required to secure optimal performance.

    Read the full story here (EN)

  • Tom's Confectionery

    Tom's Confectionery

    The Toms Group, known for brands like Toms, Anthon Berg, Pingvin, and BonBon, selected Munters again to install 8 drying cabinets with MX² desiccant dehumidifiers after positive experience with their existing 20 cabinets.

    Read the full story here (EN)

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