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aug 09

Siavs 2022

aug 9 11:00 - aug 11 17:00

Siavs: the biggest poultry and swine event in Brazil.

Munters will attend at Siavs 2022 with the latest news developed for poultry and swine markets.

This event is increasingly relevant and significant for farmers around the State, stablishing our agricultural industry’s image and competitiveness.

During the event we will show our flagship products:

  • Inlet and Smt: designed for use as fresh-air intakes for livestock housing and greenhouse
  • LFD55: Having adequate light control enables a grower to reap benefits by achieving excellent production goals.
  • EM36: the ideal exhaust fan whenever high airflow capacity is required.
  • Saturn Direct Drive: ensures performance above the market standard and reduces the power consumption up to 60% than traditional models.
  • Saturn ONE: a feature rich, high-tech and completely modular fans, able to combine exceptional airflow with fully energy efficiency
  • EDC24: developed to break up stratified heat, humidity and stagnant air inside the greenhouse, and ensure stable climate temperature.
  • CX24: his advanced design produces a higher centerline velocity, providing you with more control over the air movement in your barn versus the competition.
  • MPG: avoids water leakage and ensure a higher reliability, as it eliminates glues and adhesives, which are a significant risk factor
  • Rotem Trio 20 Swine: manages all aspect of climate, not just equipment, reaching the best air quality and animal welfare.
  • GPmp100: designed for use in either livestock housing or greenhouse.

Come to visit as at booth n. 116/117/118.

When? August 9th - 11th

Where? Anhembi Parque: Av. Olavo Fontoura, 1209 Santana, São Paulo - SP



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