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Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

Dehumidification optimises fruit production

Munters desiccant drying technology significantly improves the quality of processed fruits and vegetables. Our company offers dehumidification systems for produce drying and freezing applications. Low humidity air is supplied to the drying process resulting in the following:

  • Increased productivity by faster drying cycles.
  • No skin formed during drying because our desiccant system provides consistent and easily adjustable process air conditions.
  • Maximized evaporative effect by supplying air at precise humidity levels for optimized storage.
  • Ability to control to a ”menu-style” control of humidity to account for increased moisture release in early drying cycle and decreased moisture release later in drying cycle.
  • Lower risk of mold and yeast formation.
  • Optimized energy-efficiency. Munters desiccant dryers with PowerPurge® are more energy efficient than cool reheat.


Vegetable & Fruit Powder Drying

Spray drying is a critical part of the process to produce vegetable and fruit powders. By delivering consistently dry air to the spray drying process, Munters provides reliable and efficient spray drying performance year-round regardless of ambient conditions.  After the spray drying process, powder is discharged into a fluidized bed system for agglomeration, second stage drying to reach the desired moisture content (2-4%) which also benefits greatly from the addition of dry air from the dehumidifiers for fruit and vegetable production. This provides more consistent results, less clumping and higher product quality. Dry air is used again for the pneumatic powder conveying to prevent reabsorption of moisture. 


Packaging of Frozen Vegetables

Packaging of frozen vegetables or fruits has many challenges if moisture is present during the packing process. Moisture during packaging can cause frosting of the packaging equipment which can slow or halt production, frosting or condensation on the product which reduces product quality, and frost or condensation inside the packaging which reduces product quality and storage life.

Munters provides dry air to the packaging process equipment and packaging areas using desiccant dehumidification with the following benefits: 

  • Prevents conveying and packaging area ice build-up
  • Better product quality
  • Better package appearance
  • Better package storage life and shelf life

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