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Euroemme® EM36 Exhaust fan

EM series

  • Fan housing and venturi made of the corrosion resistant material Munters Protect
  • Central hub and v-belt pulley are made from die-cast aluminium, with reinforced ribs for prolonged lifetime.
  • Each motor is individually tested for 100% quality control
  • Family member of the time proven Euroemme® fan range
  • Patented centrifugal system permits an energy efficient solution
  • Shutter bearings are maintenance free


Product description

EM36 is the ideal exhaust fan whenever high airflow capacity is required. The unique propeller design is self-cleaning and allows the highest efficiency to be reached. The square fan housing and air conveyor (venturi) are made of a strong galvanised sheet-steel. The 6-blade propeller is statically and dynamic balanced for low noise and low vibration. The propeller is available in stainless steel, galvanised steel and pre-coated and galvanised steel. To improve aerodynamic efficiency, the fan has been developed in Munters  R&D lab. The test chamber has been built according to ANSI/AMCA 210-85 Figure 15 specifications. Construction details and airtightness have been verified by personnel of the BESS Lab at the Agricultural Engineering Department, University of Illinois – USA.

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0.75 HP
Motor 0,75 hp
Airflow 0Pa 19,880 m3/h
Airflow 25Pa 17,450 m3/h
Specific performance at 0Pa 22,3 m3/wh
Propeller diameter 915 mm
0.5 HP
Propeller diameter 915 mm
Motor 0,5 hp
Airflow 0Pa 17,900 m3/h
Airflow 25Pa 15,100 m3/h
Specific performance at 0Pa 25,1 m3/wh