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Munters dehumidification provides efficient protection of items in archives without any costly heating and completely independent of outdoor weather conditions and fluctuations in relative humidity.

Items in archives are mostly insensitive to temperature levels whereas high and uncontrolled relative humidity is a parameter that causes damage to most materials.

The long-term storage of paper and film records is perfectly preserved with Munters desiccant dehumidification. Old flammable nitrate film shrinks and decomposes with age. Humidity is a key factor affecting acetate film degeneration. The optimum conditions are 45-60% Relative Humidity at 16-19°C if the safety of stored records is to be guaranteed.

The optimal storage conditions should be as follows: 

From ISO:

  • Acetate film: -10°C to +7°C, 30 to 40% RH
  • Nitrate based film: Max 2°C, 20-30% RH 

From Library of Congress and others: 

  • Paper: 18°C to 21°C, 30-50% RH. Unstable materials may require more stringent storage conditions.


Also temporary archive facilities like military storage tents and shelters provide first class protection of stored electronics, documents, steel, vehicles, food or pharmaceutical products etc. when equipped with Munters dehumidifiers. Air-tight storage tents made from non-water permeable fabric do not need insulation to form an ideal storage solution.  Free from the need of heating, a dehumidifier will secure a fully humidity-controlled environment – saving costly energy.

In a Munters dehumidified archive:

  • Products are stored at a constant and low relative humidity
  • No corrosion, mold, mildew or fungus will occur or grow
  • Packaging materials are protected against softening
  • Meet PD5454:2012 standards (UK)

Heating can be replaced by dehumidification (if unmanned), saving up to 75% energy costs.

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