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Military Equipment and Systems

Military Equipment and Systems

Ground, naval and flying equipment and systems are kept in good condition with the Munters “Dry Air Method”.

Dry air is used to completely envelop the materiel, or if that is not possible, injected into critical areas within the total system or object. The Munters “Dry Air Method” can be applied to stored items and objects as well as to active equipment that is used daily.

Studies by the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) and the U.S. Army National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserve have shown that investments to control the humidity of weapon systems pay themselves back within months, through reduced maintenance costs and higher availability.

Typical ground equipment applications include storage of main battle tanks and armored and non-armored vehicles in “Controlled Humidity Environments” (CHE), active dehumidification of the same equipment in storage at the barracks or during deployment, protection of mobile shelters and containers, protection of items such as goggles, sensors, radar systems, launchers, command and control posts, stored ammunition in magazines or containers, etc.

Typical Naval applications include mothballing of complete ships with all of its weapon and platform systems (such as gearboxes and radomes), protection of active ship weapon, sensor, communication systems and ammunition.

Submarine drying.JPG

Flying equipment applications typically include protection of the inside of operational cabin aircraft.  Previous installations include C-130 Hercules, P-3 Orion and NATO E-3A AWACS aircraft, fighter aircraft such as the JAS-39 Gripen and Tornado fighter/bombers, helicopters, UAV’s, etc. For storage, at minimal cost, the humidity of an Arizona desert climate can be introduced into hangar spaces, Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS) and covers, without the huge temperature swings. Also support equipment is protected by use of the Munters “Dry Air Method”, as well stored ammunition, incl. chaff and flare packages.

With a track record of over 20,000 military installations, Munters has extensive first-hand experience of providing effective military protection solutions to defense forces around the world.

Skövde - CV90 - 01.JPG

Munters’ dehumidification systems are also used to ensure optimal conditions when applying paint to all kinds of aircraft, and Munters Zeol VOC abatement products can be used to clean solvent-laden air.

For military deployments in hot climates, Munters can also supply direct evaporative coolers as a low cost cooling solution or deliver durable and high efficiency evaporative media to other manufacturers of air handling equipment.

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