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Coal-Fired Power

Coal-Fired Power

By cleaning flue gases, the amount of environmentally hazardous emissions can be sharply reduced.

Mist elimination from Munters is a part of this process. One example of this technology being utilized is in coal-fired power plants.

Many power plants are fired with coal, which naturally results in problems with air pollution. Sulphur emissions from power plants result in acid rain, causing widespread damage to buildings and the environment.

National governments have therefore introduced stringent regulations to reduce the emissions that cause acid rain.

The flue-gas cleaning process uses the mist elimination technology developed by Munters. Numerous successful projects have been conducted in Asia, Europe and many other regions around the world in which the flue gas from coal power plants was cleaned. The process, which is called desulfurization, takes place in a process tower through which the flue gases pass before going out through the plant's chimneys.

Munters offers different products and solutions to Coal Fired Power Plants.

  • Operational power plants – Flue Gas Cleaning
  • Inactive power plants (Stand-By or Mothballed) – preservation through Dehumidification

As a first step, the contaminated flue gases are sprayed with a mixture of water and chemicals that bind the contaminants. Through a combination of speed and inertia forces, Munters’ mist eliminators then capture the contaminated drops which fall down and are collected in the bottom of the process tower. Mist elimination also includes a cleaning plant. This means that contaminated water and sledge can be removed from the mist eliminators, thus keeping them clean for the best efficiency.


Cleaning via desulfurization is very efficient. More than 95 percent of the contaminants are eliminated in this process.

Inactive power plants (coal and other)

Boilers (flue and water side), complete boiler houses, piping and steam turbines can be easily preserved by using Munters Dehumidification Technology. By bringing the Relative Humidity down to around 50% or lower, corrosion can be halted, or in cases of heavy contaminated environments, slowed down dramatically.

In case of stand-by, the flue side of the boiler can be protected, as well as the steam turbine. In case of mothballing, all water can be drained away from the water side, and replaced with dry air.

Re-activation doesn’t need de-preservation. Only the water needs to be brought back into the system.

Preservation by using Munters Dehumidification Technology is proven, simple, low cost and highly effective.

Our Munters Dehumidification Technology can be used on coal fired plants as well as on other types of power plants, including gas turbine plants.

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