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Prevent moisture effects in milling

Water vapour makes powdered material such as pharmaceuticals, sugar, grains and flour difficult to grind. The material clings to the grinding machine, preventing effective pneumatic conveyance from one process to another.

The quality of the powdered product, flour etc., may be coarse and the milling machine hard to turn. Moist air significantly impedes the quality and milling performance.

Munters desiccant dehumidifiers for powder conveying and milling can prevent these issues by controlling the relative humidity and the dew point of the air. The dew point is the temperature at which moisture starts to condense out of the air onto the machinery walls or products. Munters desiccant dehumidifiers effectively control humidity in silos, around milling machines and during product haulage.

The desiccant dehumidifier works by passing moist air through a slowly revolving desiccant wheel (rotor). This dries the air which is then pumped into the silo, around the milling machine or into the pneumatic conveyor, thus ensuring that raw materials remain dry and clog-free.

Grain Milling and Conveying

Moisture is the most exciting thing in the world for a kernel of grain. Mother Nature has hard wired seeds to sprout when in contact with moisture. Storing and grinding grains to make quality meal and flour therefore requires consistently dry air, in order to maximise storage life and ensure reliable grinding.

Grains with more than 10-11% moisture content do not store or mill well. The answer is a Munters desiccant dehumidifier controlling the humidity in the milling or storage area.

If the flour is transported from the silo or milling machine by conveying pneumatically using ambient air at pressure, condensation will occur in the conveying line and this moisture is picked up by the flour causing it to lump, stick and spoil.

Pre-drying the conveying air prevents condensation and ensures that no moisture condenses out when the product cools after processing. This removes the problem of flour sticking and provides a hygienic and free flowing system.

Deliver top quality product in a condensation-free tanker

Bulk milled powders such as flour, sugar, salt, dehydrated lime, cereals and pharmaceutical raw materials can be protected from damp air and moisture damage in transit using Munters Drytainer™. Condensation and humidity in transport containers generates substantial costs, due to additional cleaning, product wastage and mould growth.

Drytainer™ utilises Munters desiccant technology to pump filtered, hygienic, dehumidified air into the tanker ullage space above the load. Even on a cold winter morning the tanker remains completely dry after filling.

  • Powdered milled goods are protected in transit in a high quality climate.
  • Inhibit mould growth
  • Condensation free tanker
  • 4-fold reduction in wash downs
  • Improved tanker discharge and powder flow
  • Tankers typically remain clean for up to 6 months running
  • Better off-load times and fleet availability
  • Typical payback 1 yearLower elevation of tipper tankers
  • Food-safe certified air
  • Substantial reduction in product sticking per load



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