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Pressure Drop

Vane type mist eliminators have the lowest pressure drop compared to other gas – liquid separation mechanisms over a wide range of droplet sizes and volume of liquids.

The reason is that the vane’s shape is flow-friendly while optimized for liquid separation.

As a result, you will have a lot of advantages in the different kind of applications where vane type mist eliminators can be used. Munters offers the mist eliminator with the lowest pressure drop that will fit to your separation tasks.

This means you will save energy and will lower the carbon foot print of your products, and your power consumption will be visibly lower, saving you money. Another example for the advantage of low pressure drop mist eliminator can be found in vacuum applications: Here you don’t need to invest so much money in pumps to keep your vacuum running smoothly.

In the process industry you can build vessels taller, because the resistance coefficient of our vane mist eliminator is low, so you can operate your process at a higher speed and save volume of your vessel.

This means in most cases our vane type mist eliminators with low pressure drop are the best choice to benefit you, compared to other mist eliminator systems like wire mesh pads, cyclons, weather louvres etc. if you need to separate any kind of liquids from various gas streams.

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