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Air quality

Proper air quality is essential for healthy, productive layer hens. Indoor facilities must have adequate ventilation to remove excess moisture, heat, and ammonia, reduce particulate buildup, and improve respiratory health. Munters offers ventilation solutions and management of ammonia levels and feed waste to achieve optimal temperature, humidity, and air quality. Ensure the well-being of your layer hens and boost their productivity with Munters.


Excessive ammonia levels in the air of broiler chicken houses can be detrimental to the birds' health and weight gain. Proper ventilation prevents wet litter, thereby keeping ammonia levels in the air to a minimum.


Maintaining low CO2 levels in broiler chicken environments promotes healthier birds, improves weight gain, and reduces respiratory stress. Optimal air quality supports overall well-being, leading to a cleaner and more productive environment.

Optimizing ventilation by bird weight

Trio Poultry is a cutting-edge climate control system that uses precise bird weight measurement to optimize ventilation in broiler chicken farmhouses and larger complexes. The system's advanced algorithms and predictive modeling algorithms continuously monitor the birds' weight and adjust the ventilation accordingly. This ensures a comfortable and healthy environment for the birds, optimizing feed conversion rates, and increasing productivity.


Trio Poultry seamlessly integrates with Munters' precision scales and actuators, enabling precise and automated control over the house environment. By reducing energy consumption and minimizing ammonia levels, Trio Poultry significantly improves bird health and well-being, while increasing farm profitability and sustainability.

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Revolutionize your barn environment with lavamatic exhaust air cleaner

Lavamatic is the ultimate solution for your poultry and swine farms. This future-oriented exhaust air cleaner is designed to reduce the emission of dust and ammonia by 90%. It also reduces the emission of germs and mold by 95%. The best part is, it's delivered as a complete prefabricated module, so it's ready to use when it arrives. Simply place it on the gable wall or long side of your farm and you're good to go.


With a cleaning capacity of 50,000 m3/h, Lavamatic uses a unique drum unit that doesn't require costly circulation pumps. Additionally, an optional biological stage is available for odor reduction.


Keep your animals and people safe with a plug and play solution

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The importance of air quality control for broiler chickens

Good air quality control is crucial in broiler chicken facilities to maintain the health and productivity of the birds. Poor air quality can lead to respiratory distress and diseases, which may impact weight gain and feed conversion rates, leading to economic losses.


Proper ventilation can help reduce excess ammonia and dust in the air, leading to a cleaner and healthier environment for the birds. Investing in quality climate control systems can ensure optimal air quality.


Improve overall bird performance and welfare

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