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Industrial Coating/Painting

Munters “holds the blast” and controls moisture during coating projects.

Coating specifications often require a maximum Relative Humidity - too often unachievable during humid summer months for projects in open atmosphere, which often results in premature coating failures. Using Munters expertise in humidity and temperature control, this practice can be performed all year round, mitigating unreasonable time pressures and the inevitable impact this has on cost. Munters equipment also controls containments, by using high-efficiency filters and fans. Munters can clean the air before releasing it into the environment.

Coating processes can be shortened and made more consistent by adding dry air. Regardless of the season, the climate conditions in the coater will be stable all year round thereby securing optimal conditions. Hereby the productivity increases by 15-20% and energy costs are cut by 10-15%. The risk of contamination of the conditioning system by any wet return air would be eliminated by using a Munters Desiccant dehumidification system

The Munters dry air system is the simplest, most precise way of achieving and controlling the accurate humidity conditions required.

Additionally, Munters offers a wide range of reliable products that cover small to very large air volumes
both for integration into AHU systems or for standalone installation. FP3, FA6, HumiPaint and Humimax are all designed with industrial processes in mind.

Munters offer solutions for very precise Humidity control with Face and Bypass solution or stage control and can also offer a specially designed Control system for our humidifier range.

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