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Filling and Packing

Optimised climate for filling and packing.

Products packed in volumetric filling machines dispense product into packs by having a container that is filled with product pass over a hole and release the product through the chute into the packaging.

This equipment can suffer from sticky product or ice on the cup and collar mechanism which impedes operation and results in uneven feeding to the packages.

Munters prevent sticking or icing on product filling and packaging equipment during using desiccant dehumidification.

Antibiotic powders must be protected from contamination prior to sealing the vial. Desiccant dehumidification of the vial filling area controls the humidity and reduces the bacteriological growth risks. This not only helps maintain sterile conditions but also promotes optimum plant operation.

Effervescent powders and hygroscopic products need to be packed in an environment dry enough to prevent premature activation or deterioration of ingredients and products.

Specialist climate know-how from Munters makes it easier for companies to assure product quality and comply with GMP and HACCP regulations.

Blister and food packing machines are prone to unplanned stoppages when exposed to humid conditions. High humidity inhibits the speed of packaging and wrapping machinery, which work on precise tolerances, and packing material moisture absorption is to be avoided to prevent slowing the process.

Moisture gain also affects the storage and shelf life of most products, Humidity control can maintain the integrity of packaging and products, essential for  quality packing and extending shelf-life

  • Prevent product sticking in conveying
  • Faster filling
  • Accurate weighing
  • Less stoppages
  • Higher production throughput
  • No disruption of packing lines caused by sticky products
  • Less waste, reduced need of cleaning
  • Improved hygiene
  • High quality is maintained
  • Longer product shelf life

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