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Heat Stress

Heat stress can be counteracted! In all the mentioned scenarios below a cool relief can be obtained by installing a climate control system from Munters.


The signs of heat stress are open mouth panting, wing spreading, and squatting close to the ground.  In broiler flocks, heat stress means the birds will not reach the required weight levels or even lose weight and the mortality rate will increase. For layer hens it means that the egg size is reduced and egg shell quality deteriorates. Among breeders the effects of heat stress is reduced fertility rates. 

Closeup broilers
Piglets at a finisher farm


The signs of heat stress are evident discomfort and distress that materializes in wallowing, muscle trembles, increased mortality and low weight gain, panting, significantly decreased feed consumption. Sows will have lower milk production, reduced fertility and smaller litter numbers. 


Dairy cows pant and drink the double amount of water. They are also in the habit of standing and drooling, eating less and prefer to be in the coolest areas of the barn.

When the cows show signs that they are out of the comfort zone and feel heat stress, the farmers or dairy companies should be strongly interested in improving the climate system to defeat the heat. Heat stress has tremendous negative impact on the production results, such as reduced milk production, negative impact on reproduction efficiency (Fertilization, conception and pregnant maintenance) as well as higher risk for infections.

Dairy cows at feeding time
Greenhouse with flowers


Plants can experience heat stress too, which materializes in stunted growth, shriveled fruit and withered leaves. High temperatures and lack of humidity presses the plants in a greenhouse to excessive transpiration which leads to crop damage.

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