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Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines

Efficiency optimization of Gas Turbine Facilities

The demand for energy worldwide continues to rise faster than generating capacity, and the deregulation of the electric power industry has created a demand for products that will make power producers more efficient.

Modern gas turbine facilities have made great strides towards improving the quality of air introduced into the turbine, but even those modern plant designs may suffer from fouling due to ingestion of dust, particulate, liquid and salt air. With proper application of Mist Elimination techniques, these risks can be reduced.

Furthermore, reducing the temperature of the incoming process air, the efficiency of the gas turbine can be substantially increased.

Munters’ Solutions

Because large volumes of air are required to operate a Gas Turbine, the power output and fuel consumption of a gas turbine generator are highly dependent upon the flow, temperature and quality of the air drawn into the combustion chamber.

Munters Mist Eliminators, with an optional heating device (DFH) to provide ice-protection, have been especially developed for this harsh environment, to maintain optimal airflows all year long. These systems remove damaging contamination from the air, improving output and extending the effective life of the turbine. The removal of weather hoods and the installation of Munters mist eliminators will lead to substantial reduction in pressure drop through the turbine inlet.

Further efficiency gains can be achieved through the installation of Munters Gas Turbine Evaporative Cooling systems (GTEC).  These systems incorporate evaporative cooling pads, using the evaporation of water to cool the incoming air stream.  Cooler air has a higher density, boosting the output of the turbine.  Visit the GTEC product page for more details.

System Benefits

  • Reduced filter changes, maintenance and downtime.
  • Extended operational life of the turbine.
  • Increased power generation due to lower supply air temperatures and reduced inlet pressure drop.

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