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Defense & Aerospace

Defense & Aerospace

For decades, the Munters' Dry Air Method or Controlled Humidity Environment (CHE) has been applied to protect defense equipment worldwide. Munters has delivered in excess of 25,000 dehumidifiers for defense applications alone.

The climate in and around military and aerospace equipment, systems and components has a direct influence on the quality and condition of the items, maintenance, repair and replacement costs, and availability. Providing the right climate will have an immediate payback.

For defense customers, Munters provides the right climate for stored as well as active duty equipment. Experience with military customers worldwide has shown that use of Munters “Controlled Humidity Environments” can lead to substantial savings of up to 25% on maintenance costs, while equipment availability is increased.

The Munters “Dry Air Method” reduces, and even halts, corrosion by lowering relative humidity levels to around 40-45%. The Munters “Dry Air Method” also has an immediate effect on the reliability of electronic systems. NFF (No Fault Found) or CND (Could Not Duplicate) occurrence reductions of 50% are not uncommon. On infrastructure as well as on items with organic material, mold and fungus growth will be halted. And in case of ammunition, degradation of chemical compounds is slowed down or even halted, optimizing the safe shelf life of the items.

Also in manufacturing and production processes, particularly in the aerospace industry, climates need to be optimal to maintain high quality standards, while trying to keep production time as short as possible. With its global team of experts, Munters can offer a wide range of energy efficient, industry-proven climate solutions that have the maximum effect on your manufacturing or production process.

Additionally, Munters provides Zeol VOC Abatement solutions to the defense and aerospace environment.

Next to the solutions for controlling temperature, humidity or toxic levels, Munters supplies energy efficient comfort solutions for military personnel and workers. These can for instance be applied to office spaces, sports and recreational areas, manufacturing halls, but also to drying rooms for combat clothing, parachutes, etc.

Over the years, Munters has provided more than 25,000 installations worldwide to protect defense equipment and has accumulated a vast knowledge how to effectively protect valuable defense equipment.

Energy Award at Kinnegar

Munters help Ministry of Defence win energy award at Kinnegar

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