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Munters has a solid and far ranging experience in designing climate control products & systems for swine production facilities.

A properly designed ventilation system will provide an environment which is desirable for pigs (hogs) as well as people. Optimal temperature, humidity control and sufficient air exchange are important factors in maintaining animal health and productivity, whether it is a building for farrowing, gestation or finishers.

Munters ventilation systems are engineered to provide precise control of the climate inside the facility, even when the climate outside of the building is extreme or changing.

Climate conditions are controlled with a range of Munters products including ventilation fans, evaporative cooling, heating, and precision controls, preventing heat stress or cold spells on the small piglets.

During summer periods farmers can experience heat stress in the swine populations, which negatively affects growth and productivity for growing pigs and sows, something that would need to be avoided in intensive swine production. This makes air exchange rates and air quality crucial in intensive swine/hog production.

During winter periods or cooler parts of the year, depending on where the production is situated, minimum ventilation is critical. Due to increasing energy prices, farmers want to limit the amount of fresh air to what is absolutely necessary for keeping a sufficient air quality in the farrowing, gestation or finishing house. If the minimum ventilation rate is exceeded by bringing more cold air from the outside, the farmer’s cost for heating will increase and farm profitability is jeopardized. 

FCR, or Feed Conversion Ratio, can be addressed with Munters climate control equipment. There is an explicit correlation between maintaining the correct environmental indoor conditions avoiding temperature fluctuations and optimized FCR. Even the smallest changes in FCR at any given feed price, can have a substantial impact on financial margins for the farmer.

Munters has the equipment and knowledge to help you take control and produce your perfect climate.


Positive Pressure Filtered Swine Facilities

Trust Experience: 95% of all positive pressure buildings in the US are designed and equipped with Munters Ventilation Systems.

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