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Optimal dehumidification secures uptime and quality

Optimal dehumidification secures uptime and quality

Meat processing requires large amounts of water. Most is removed, but some remains and condenses on surfaces. Uncontrolled humidity compromises food and worker safety and can cause equipment malfunctions. The solution? Optimized dehumidification. Eliminate maintenance delays and shutdowns by upgrading to the latest Munters desiccant dehumidification solutions today.

The Munters difference in meat production



Control climate to maximize uptime

Uncontrolled humidity can cause maintenance delays and shutdowns. Food and worker safety is compromised. Downtime and lost revenue can occur. But you can control facility humidity with the latest Munters desiccant dehumidification solutions. And even increase production since dehumidification shortens drying time after sanitation.



Control humidity to eliminate bacteria

Water droplets hitting meat can cause bacterial growth and contaminate product. The culprit? Condensation from uncontrolled humidity. The solution? Optimized dehumidification. By eliminating condensation, you prevent bacteria growth, and maintain hygiene standards that ensure superior product quality.



Another satisfied customer

“Since installing the dehumidification equipment, we have not had to hang plastic or have the usual two people per shift control condensation. We don´t need to dry the ceilings in the morning following sanitation,” says Mike Hanson, Tyson Foods Complex Manager.” We are very pleased with the results and will use this technology in the future to help eliminate condensation.”



Want the full story?

The effectiveness of desiccant dehumidification in helping eliminate listeria/bacteria was investigated in an independent study carried out by the University Paris-Est. Read a summary of the report to find out how effective desiccant dehumidification can help prevent bacterial growth in meat processing facilities.

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With decades of experience leading the dehumidification industry, Munters knows what it takes to provide customers with the best possible service and solutions.

We´ll guide you through the entire process, from choosing the best solution for your needs to helping you keep our premium equipment running at optimum levels.

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