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Secure uptime and quality in meat processing

Secure uptime and quality in meat processing

The solution? Optimized dehumidification. Eliminate excess plant moisture, improve meat quality – regardless of plant pace and size by upgrading to the latest Munters desiccant dehumidification technology.

Muntersin vaikutus lihantuotantoon

  • How dehumidification improves quality

    How dehumidification improves quality

    With meat packing plant pressure to process faster than ever, how do you ensure quality? Industrial dehumidifiers reduce sanitation cycles by quickly removing condensation, but they also accelerate processing, improving quality while optimizing output.

  • Control climate to maximize uptime

    Control climate to maximize uptime

    Uncontrolled humidity can cause maintenance delays and shutdowns. But you can control facility humidity and even increase production with Munters dehumidification solutions.

  • Savings on all sides

    Savings on all sides

    Whether as a stand-alone solution, or working in conjunction with your existing HVAC system, industrial dehumidifiers ensure your system works more efficiently by optimizing refrigeration performance – ultimately reducing energy and operating costs.

  • Munters desiccant dehumidification

    Munters desiccant dehumidification

    Munters desiccant dehumidification systems consistently remove moisture from your meat processing plant air. Condensation is removed, quality, uptime and working conditions are improved.

A success story about dehumidification solution

Condensation began to disappear within hours of starting the Munters system.

“Since installing the dehumidification equipment, we have not had to hang plastic or have the usual two people per shift to control condensation. We don´t need to dry the ceilings in the morning following sanitation“

Mike Hanson, Complex Manager at Tyson Foods.

Miksi Munters?

Muntersilla on vuosikymmenten kokemus kosteudenpoiston alalta, joten se tietää, mitä tarvitaan, jotta asiakkaille voidaan tarjota parasta mahdollista palvelua ja ratkaisuja.
Opastamme sinua koko prosessin läpi aina tarpeisiisi parhaiten sopivan ratkaisun valinnasta ja premium-laitteidemme optimaalisesta toiminnasta huolehtimiseen.
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