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Strategic priorities

Munters has a strong position in most of our markets.

We see major opportunities to improve and strengthen our market position and to achieve our financial targets and deliver on our strategy.

The key to success is how we respond in working toward our goals. Our overarching strategic priorities show which areas we regard as important to our success. For each strategic priority we have clear action plans and ambitions what we want to achieve. Sustainability is a priority issue reflected in every strategic priority.


The employees at Munters are the hub of our business. Through collaboration and a passion for creating sustainable solutions for our customers and partners, we contribute to our customers’ success and a better world.


We closely cooperate our customers. We try not only to understand their needs today, but also in the future. Our expertise is built through unique insight into our customers’ businesses and production processes. Munters works every day to deliver value over and above our customers’ expectations.



We at Munters work in a structured way to optimize innovation in the organization. We continually monitor technological developments in the market and work closely with our customers to understand their needs. We also work with other institutions that strengthen our competence and create value for customers. By continuously questioning and improving how we work, we create sustainable solutions, technologies and business models for the future.



Munters is active around the world in a market driven by strong trends in sustainability and digitization. We focus resources on strengthening our position in areas where we can be a market leader. For Munters, a market leader not only has a leading position but also higher profitable growth than others in the industry.

Excellence in everything we do


We strive for quality and efficiency in everything we do. We work with continuous improvements in every area. We prioritize and focus on selected investments and areas of improvement. We follow up, learn, correct and improve..

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