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Munters air treatment systems for GMP compliance

Xellia Pharmaceuticals is a leading active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) producer, specialising in fermented antibiotics. With production facilities in Denmark, Norway, Hungary and China Xellia´s APIs are available in bulk or sterilied Finished Dosage Forms (FDFs).

Clean room updates needed

Xellia Pharmaceuticals has 370 employees working in Copenhagen, Denmark, with production running nonstop.

For many years, Munters has been the trusted supplier of dehumidification systems for tabletting and lab applications.

Xellia´s positive experience with previous Munters installations led them to contact Munters when their powder product clean rooms needed to be updated.

The Munters solution

Since Xellia’s facilities are GMP compliant their Class-B clean rooms require strict temperature and humidity control. Munters was asked to design the optimal climate solution for these rooms.

The selected MLPlus and MXPlus systems are designed to fit into environments with high demands on carbon footprint, energy efficiency and hygiene.

Pre and post cooling standard modules can be added according to actual specifications and all fit on a common base frame with elegant design and cleaning-friendly surfaces.

The units were designed to fit into the existing Xellia AC system, maintaining 20°C/ max. 20% RH conditions in the clean room.

In the system´s pre-cooler module, process air is cooled and dehumidified to 13°C/9.4g/kg and led to the dehumidifier that reduces water content to less than 2.5g/kg.

Temperature increase created by the dehumidification process is lowered by a post-cooler from 40°C to 20°C, with air led to the ducting system. HEPA filtration ensures that clean air is supplied to the clean rooms

Air used for rotor reactivation is filtered by a EU5 filter. Wet, warm air from the dehumidification process is exhausted outdoors.

Why Munters?
By choosing a Munters Plus system, Xellia benefits since they have only one supplier for both dehumidification, pre and post-cooling/heating, filtration and humidification. The system is compact and flexible in the design and composition of needed modules.

A satisfied customer
Munters climate control solution for Xellia Pharmaceuticals not only met the strict demands for clean room classification but also solved a practical problem. Weighing process clean room production will not be interrupted or postponed anymore by bad weather conditions thanks to Munters dehumidification solutions.

Clean room climate is now totally unaffected by outdoor variations in temperature and humidity and production can be precisely planned.

Very happy with the Munters climate solution, Xellia Pharmaceuticals has appointed Munters supplier for their next clean room refurbishment.

Quick facts

  • Constant and strictly controlled year-round climate
  • Enables GMP compliance
  • Compact system solution with add-ons
  • One supplier simplicity
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • CS_Xellia Pharmaceuticals_en.pdf

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