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Energy-efficient SyCool plays a key role in the design of a data center

Since data centers require a sustainable design, the cooling system is often a primary concern for designers and operators. This is because the cooling system consumes the most electricity in a data center besides the IT equipment itself.

When Digital Crossroad wanted to build a new data center in a location where a coal-fired power plant had recently been decommissioned, sustainability was the key.

Munters indirect economizer cooling system was selected for the server rooms in the initial construction stage. To save energy and water, a dry heat exchanger design was chosen with a unique energy-saving feature that uses nearby cold seawater to provide additional cooling. As water conservation has become more important to the data center industry, Munters has focused on designing waterless cooling and developed SyCool, a revolutionary new system specially designed for high-efficiency cooling in data centers. The new SyCool solution can achieve annual energy efficiency comparable with evaporative systems - but without using water.

After running a number of design analyses, Digital Crossroad decided to use the new Sycool system in the upcoming expansion of the data centers. The new system is even more energy efficient than the previous version, and without the seawater. The SyCool systems in the initial expansion have been installed and ramped up.

Digital Crossroad is impressed by the efficiency of the systems, which surpassed initial expectations.

Quick facts

  • Split system eliminates duct penetrations
  • No water consumption
  • Compatible with liquid cooling (day one or future conversion)
  • High-efficiency economization
  • Factory-optimized controls
  • Winner of the magazine Mission Critical’s 2021 Top Tier Product Award for Thermal Management Solutions

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