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Start-up and Commissioning


Start-up and commissioning 

All Munters equipment leaves our factories only after an extensive test procedure. A natural continuation is to have Munters’ qualified service team startup the equipment on site. The technician will review the installation of the Munters equipment, assist with any problems that occur at initial startup, verify proper operation and adjust the unit to perform according to the Technical Data Sheet as prepared by Munters.


  • Highly professional industrial dehumidifier start-up services 
  • Commissioning support for the dehumidification system
  • Review of installation of the Munters equipment
  • Warranty validation
  • Optimal control settings
  • Report with all default set-up values
  • Advice regarding scheduled maintenance
  • On-site training of customer’s personnel provided unit-side during the startup activities (limited to one hour as scheduled by the technician)

Start-up Services

As every company is unique, we tailor the solution to your specific needs. These are, however, the basic components for a start-up service.

  • Establish best practices - Optimize your security spare parts stock
  • Reinforce staff competence - Basic operation training to secure operational performance
  • Validate the equipment performance -We produce a performance values report documenting ambient conditions and all inlet and outlet parameters, we compare that with how the machine should run on such a day using performance calculation software.


  • Reliable equipment performance
  • Staff competence
  • Prevention of losses in your production
  • Stable end-product quality

Commissioning Support/Guaranteed Performance

To guarantee Investment performance, Companies can use an independent party to verify that Munters Sequence of Operation is followed, that the faults and warnings are operating per documentation and that the machine is performing in accordance with that rated. Munters engineers can support that process.


  • Secured Performance
  • Validation by 3rd party

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