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Data Center Academy Lectures

Sep 24, 2015

Welcome to the Munters Data Center Academy video lectures. Our experts will guide you on topics such as Air-Cooled Data Center Design through to Indirect Evaporative Cooling Principle using Munters Heat Exchanger technology. Keep checking for added content.

DC Introduction by Neil Yule

The History of IEC at DesChamps & Munters - Part 1

The History of IEC at DesChamps & Munters - Part 2

Video Lecture - Air-Cooled Data Center Design Elements by Keith Dunnavant

Indirect Air-Side Economizers - Part 1

Indirect Air-Side Economizers - Part 2

Indirect Air-Side Economizers - Part 3

Munters Data Center Make Up Air Solutions

Demo Munters Pro App DataCom™

Data Center & Telecom Cooling

Data Centre Cooling

The demand for Data Centers is growing at an accelerated pace and keeping these facilities constantly operational is essential. Alongside this…

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