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Sep 20

Ildex Indonesia 2023

Sep 20 09:00 - Sep 22 19:00

ILDEX Indonesia encompasses a trade show and conference that spans various sectors, ranging from animal production and processing to technology, agriculture, innovations, and the realms of pets, medical, and laboratory industries.

As a participant in this event, you will have the opportunity to:

- Discover cutting-edge technologies and solutions.
- Network with industry leaders and experts.
- Attend insightful conferences and seminars.
- Forge valuable partnerships and collaborations.
- Gain a deeper understanding of emerging trends and opportunities.


Munters will be present at Booth No. JK6, showcasing the following solutions: 

Munters Saturn FIVE Series

Munters Saturn FIVE has been crafted to cater to the diverse requirements of farmers, accommodating various livestock or greenhouse applications across all climate zones. Its adaptable modular setup addresses distinct market demands, such as withstanding corrosion in challenging environments and offering multiple installation options. 

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CELdek evaporative cooling pad

The CELdek® evaporative cooling pads have been specifically engineered to deliver optimal cooling efficiency, minimal pressure loss, and extended dependable operation within a wide range of livestock farming applications (including broiler, layer, swine, dairy) and greenhouse setups. 

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Munters Plastic Gutter

Munters Plastic Gutter (MPG) introduces innovative joints to eliminate leakage stemming from thermal effects. This groundbreaking modular system significantly streamlines installation, inspection, and routine maintenance since it can be effortlessly disassembled without the need for drying periods.

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GA Heater

The GA Air Heaters offer an economical heating solution suitable for a wide range of applications, including greenhouses, poultry houses, and various livestock structures. These heaters operate on the principle of direct-fired gas heating, utilizing a robust fan to propel air through a combustion chamber housing the burner. 

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The MWI has been meticulously engineered and designed to facilitate the introduction of fresh air into the structure while safeguarding animals from exposure to cold drafts. 

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Rotem Trio 

Munters Rotem Trio represents the evolution of precision farming, elevating poultry farms to new heights.

Sustainable Business: Munters Smart Dynamic Climate control not only promotes superior growth but also enhances animal welfare.

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