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Confremar IceDry30 Energypurge

Confremar S.A. se dedica a la fabricación y comercialización de productos congelados. La clave de su éxito fue convertir una actividad artesanal en industrial sin perder el mimo y el mayor cuidado en ofrecer la mejor calidad. Confremar, también, alquila cámaras de congelados para otras empresas con lo que es esencial para ellos mantener las cámaras en las mejores condiciones.

Confremar manufacture and distribute frozen products. The company’s lines include frozen fish, shellfish, pre-cooked products and vegetables. The key to their success was to convert a craftsmanship activity into an industrial process without losing the care and quality. Confremar also hire cold storage to other frozen product companies so it is very important for them to provide cold storage with the very best conditions.

The relationship between Confremar and Munters began in 2005 when they decided to improve their installations. The first part of the project was the installation of three Munters units for three new cold stores. Since the installation Confremar has kept the cold stores free of ice and frost, they have avoided fog formation and slippery floors, plus increased the refrigeration efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Thanks to these excellent results, Confremar installed four more units for a new cold storage area with chambers of different sizes. The Munters units eliminated the ice formed on the walls and ceilings, ensuring good conditions for workers.

All of these Munters units have been equipped with Munters energy recovery kits to reduce energy consumption. Results have been excellent for Confremar.

Schnelle Fakten

  • Prevent condensation
  • Stop frost formation
  • Increase workers visibility
  • Reduce defrosts
  • Improve hygiene
  • Energy efficient
  • Payback in a year
  • Up to 25% energy saving

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