Tropfenabscheider / Tropfenabscheider

DH 4300 Droplet separator profile

DH Serie - Prallflächenabscheider

  • High separation efficiency
  • Specifically designed for high liquid volume
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low maintenance cost due to simple operating principle and long lifetime
  • Wide face velocity range
  • Tailor made lengths available
  • Wide range of assembly profiles available
  • In house ISO 9001 certified manufacturing



DH™ 4300 droplet separator profile when assembled into units forms a vane type separator for horizontal flow. The streamlined profiles with multiple bends ensure high liquid loads combined with high separation efficiencies. The profile is produced in talcum rein-forced polypropylene. It can therefore be utilised in a wide range of processes under different operating conditions. DH 4300 droplet separator profile can be supplied as standard 5 metre long profiles or in tailor made lengths that are shorter than 5 metres. DH 4300 droplet separator profile is designed for use mainly after spray humidifiers and air intakes. The profile is suitable for use at face velocities between 2 and 8 m/s.

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