Tropfenabscheider / Tropfenabscheider

DF 2500 Mist Eliminator

DF Serie - Prallflächenabscheider

  • High separation efficiency
  • Very low pressure drop leading to lower operating costs
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance cost due to simple operating principle and long lifetime
  • Wide face velocity range
  • Tailor made sizes, designs and colours
  • Customized colours for aluminium separators



DF 2500 is a ready-to-install droplet separator for use in many application areas. It is available in various material combinations and configurations to fit a wide range of operating conditions. DF 2500 droplet separator provides high efficiency droplet separation and low pressure drop, even at high face velocity, for energy saving operation. The droplet separator can be configured to most individual performance and installation situations, providing a cost-effective solution. Alternative material choices and drainage systems, as well as add-on features like flanges and protection mesh are just some of the configuration options. DF 2500 droplet separator is the best choice, when mist behind cooling coils needs to be removed. Condensed droplets could be carried over into the system. This carry-over can wet downstream filters, resulting in increased pressure drop and reduced filter lifetime, as well as carriage into the ductwork. Eliminating moisture carry-over into ductwork reduces corrosion and maintenance, eliminates unsightly leakage from HVAC outlets, and reduces the growth of odour/ mold causing possible pathogenic bacteria. DF 2500 droplet separator is designed to be used mainly after cooling coils and in air intakes. The unit is suitable for use at face velocities between 2 and 5 m/s. DF 2500 droplet separator is developed to suit a wide range of applications. The various outfit options cover the most typically occurring installation variations. However, tailor made droplet separators are frequently delivered based on customers’ individual specifications. Material certificates can be delivered for most materials upon request. Fractional efficiency curves for given face velocities are delivered on special request. For hygienic-proof HVAC equipment DF 2500 droplet separator can be delivered in accordance with the standards VDI 6022, VDI 3803, DIN 1946 (specify H in order code).

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