Entfeuchter / Kondensations-Luftentfeuchter


MK Serie

  • Digitales Multifunktions-Display (nicht MK200)
  • Mobil und flexibel
  • Hohe Entfeuchtungsleistung
  • Eingebauter RH/T-Sensor als Hygrostatfunktion (nicht MK200)
  • Umweltfreundliches Kältemittel R134a / R407C
  • Robuste Konstruktion
  • Betriebsstundenzähler (nicht MK200)
  • Betriebs- und Alarmmeldung nach Extern (nicht MK200)


  • Wandkonsole


The smallest model of the MK series demonstrates its strength by high dehumidification capacity in relation to the compact construction. A wide flexibility (two step process air fan and built in hygrostat) as well as a high mobility (wheels and low weight) support the overall good performance of this unit.

Their most suitable area of use is within the water and damage restoration business as well as the construction industry. Of course they also protect pipes and fittings from corrosion and condensate in waterworks. They can also be used reducing relative humidity in storage rooms, cellars, archives and other limited storage spaces.

For more flexibility the dehumidifier is equipped with a two step process air fan. The built in hygrostat allows to adjust the relative humidity, depending on the application, and so run the dehumidifier in an extremely energy efficient mode. The wheels increase flexibility on the job. Even a stationary installation is possible by using the wall bracket which can be delivered as an accessory.

The dehumidification as such takes place in the cooling coil (evaporator) of the dehumidifier following the principle of a water trap. An axial fan pulls ambient air through a coil cooling the air below dew point. Water condensates and is collected in a water tank or a drainage hose. The cooled and dehumidified air is pulled further through a heating coil (condenser) and regains its heat. The additional heat of the compressor results in a slight increase of temperature. By recirculating the air the dehumidification happens fast, effective and careful.

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