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Munters Drytainer™ protects bulk powders during transport

Nov 11, 2014

Company Kampffmeyer in Berlin uses Munters Drytainer™ to prevent condensation during transport, to reduce running costs and the bactericidal qualities improve of the quality of delivered flour.

Munters' unique and specially designed Drytainer™ dehumidifier is used to protect bulk powders and sensitive goods such as flour, sugar, salt, hydrated lime, chemicals, cereals, and pharmaceutical goods from damp air and moisture damage in transit. Drytainer™ utilises Munters desiccant technology to pump filtered, hygienic dehumidified air into the tanker ullage space above the load.

Condensation and humidity in transport containers costs thousands due to the need of frequent cleaning, product wastage and mould growth.

Kampffmeyer Milling Group, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany is the leading supplier of high quality milled grain products for the German food industry and bakery trade with production in accordance to the highest quality standards.

In Kampffmeyer's Berlin plant, 250-300 tons of wheat flour is daily produced on a "just-in-time"-principle. The products are distributed to the customers straight after production by 5 vehicles, each with a tank capacity of 20-25 tons. Customers are mostly situated close by, enabling multiple deliveries to the same customer daily.

The flour product is loaded onto the container with a product temperature of 28-30°C. As the temperature almost always exceeds the outdoor temperature and the temperature of the container surface, the risk of condensation inside the container is frequently present.

Condensation = Hygienic issues

Condensation is a constant issue for road hauliers as the product quality is instantaneously affected by the risk of mould and bacterial growth and furthermore the unloading of the product can be disturbed and delayed by clogging material.

For more than 7-8 years Kampffmeyer Mühlen in Berlin had been looking for an efficient, competively priced and simple solution on the condensation issue. Different solutions were tested, however when Feldbinder, the supplier of the silo trailer, recommended Munters Drytainer™, the right solution was found.

Drytainer™ secures high product quality

The Drytainer™ dehumidification system was installed on one vehicle and today Logistic Manager Manuela Ziem concludes that "With Drytainer™ we always deliver a top quality product to our customers in a completely condensation-free tanker. The guaranteed dry haulage environment makes us stand out among our competitors and is highly appreciated by our customers".

The Drytainer™ dehumidifier is practically and neatly installed onto the vehicle and dry air is pumped into the ullage space inside the silo/tank. The dewpoint inside the tanker is kept lower than the outdoor dewpoint thereby preventing the formation of condensation.

Kampffmeyer's experience is that a thorough cleaning is no longer necessary apart from the mandatory cleaning processes prescribed by regulations from the authorities.

"Even on a cold winter morning the tank remains completely dry after filling. That could never happen without Drytainer™!", the driver, Mr. Ziemon, says.

Read the full Case Study from Kampffmeyer under Case Studies in the Knowledge Bank.

Many companies using Drytainer™ report it:

  • cuts condensation build-up inside tankers
  • ensures product arrives in optimum condition
  • keeps tankers clean even up to 6 months running
  • saves on vehicle turnaround times
  • reduces 'clogging' of in-line filters, so reduces discharge times
  • prevents 100's kg of product per load sticking

For more information on Drytainer™, click here.


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