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DH Series - Vane-type

DH Series - Vane-type

DH Series droplet separators when assembled into units form a vane type separator for horizontal flow. The streamlined profiles ensure low levels of pressure drop combined with high separation efficiencies. The profile is available in various materials, the most popular being, talcum reinforced polypropylene, but also aluminum. It can therefore be utilized under different operating conditions.

  • 極高的分離效率;
  • 專門設計適用於高液體容量;
  • 耐腐蝕;
  • 簡單的工作原理和很長的使用壽命形成較低的維護成本;
  • 適用於寬范圍的迎面風速;
  • 提供多種定制長度;
  • 提供多種可組裝面板;
  • 採用通過ISO 9001認証的制造技術。