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Fans & light filters / Fan Accessories

Hoods and Transitions

Fan Accessories

  • Fiberglass Pit Transition
  • Fiberglass Riser Duct
  • Fiberglass Weatherhoods
  • Cones
  • Guards
  • Insulated Closure Panels



The fiberglass pit transition is designed to remove dangerous pit gases. It can be custom fit in a concrete pit pump out. Our fiberglass riser duct can be mounted directly onto the building for removal of pit gases. The fiberglass weatherhood is ideal for exhaust fans or shutters when wind conditions reduce their effectiveness.

Fiberglass Pit Transition:
- 1 piece fiberglass construction.

- Totally corrosion resistant for protection from harsh environment

- Aluminum rails for easy shutter installation.

Fiberglass Riser Duct:

- Mount directly to building for removal of pit gases.

- The rugged fiberglass with noncorrosive fasteners assures long life.

- Easy mounting for 14”- 24” exhaust fans.

Fiberglass Weatherhoods:

- Fiberglass construction with stainless steel lag bolts.

- Easy installation with minimal maintenance.

- Available in 4 sizes to protect openings up to 60” square.