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Dehumidifiers / Stand alone dehumidifiers


ML Series

  • Requires minimal floor area
  • Unique plastic rotor casing 100 % corrosion resistance
  • Dehumidifies efficient down to -20ºC
  • Dehumidifies to low dewpoint
  • Interchangeable front and back panels - easier to install


  • Blocked filter alarm
  • Hours run counter
  • Rotor stopped alarm
  • Stainless steel sheet metal casing
  • Humidity control system with alarm and display


The ML420L desiccant dehumidifier with air cooled condenser is designed to efficiently dehumidify in unheated closed spaces. The wet air from the dehumidifier is passed through the air cooled condenser and then returned to the rotor in a closed loop circuit, and the water removed by the condenser is then drained away. The components within the closed loop are constructed of stainless steel and thermoset plastic. The heat from the air cooled condenser is then either used in the application or ducted away.
Its rugged formed metal frame and access panels are produced from corrosion resistant Aluzink®.

The electrical system conforms to established ML-L Series standards as well as to both harmonised European Standards and to CE marking specifications.

  • 技術參數
420 m3/h
200 Pa
155 m3/h
1250 m3/h
200 Pa
3.2 kW
1.1 kW
6.12 kW/h
220V 1-50Hz
220V 1-60Hz
220V 3-50Hz 18.2 A
220V 3-60Hz
230V 1-50/60Hz
230V 1-50Hz
230V 3-50 Hz Steam/Gas
230V 1-60Hz
230V 3-50Hz 17.7 A
230V 3-60Hz
240V 1-50/60Hz
240V 1-50Hz
240V 1-60Hz
240V 3-50Hz
380V 3-50Hz 10.5 A
380V 3-50Hz Steam/Gas
380V 3-60Hz
10.2 A
9.9 A
440V 3-60Hz Steam/Gas
460V 3-60Hz
460V 3-60Hz Steam/Gas
480V 3-60Hz
480V 3-60Hz Steam/Gas
500V 3-50Hz
Max sulphur content (ppm) HPS Rotor 30
+0 / +25 °C
66 dB(A)
1500 x 590 x 1305 mm
214 kg
160 mm
250 mm