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Modular Wall Inlet Series

Modular Wall Inlet Series

In agriculture, ideal climate is essential as it impacts production and health of animals. Controlled fresh air
entry, air temperature according to the weight are the main factors in achieving the perfect climate.

  • Optimal flow of fresh air in the house, avoiding drafts and cold air drop on livestock
  • Modular design featuring a perfect match between the size of inlet, house design and farmer needs
  • Recessed curved door in the wall, properly channels the air jet along the ceiling and avoids air escape out the sides
  • Packaging - unassembled 6pcs. per box, optimizes shipping volume and lowers freight cost
  • Quick user-friendly assembly due to distinctive design, without added parts
  • Hygienic-friendly due to the smart design and smooth surface fi nish
  • Top quality durable PVC and PP materials, UV stabilized
  • Air sealing gaskets at the top and sides to avoid air leakage in closed position