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Broiler in a climate controlled broiler house

Breeding success with a fully automated climate control system

Cobb is a poultry research company engaged in the development, production, and sale of broiler breeding stock. This is one of the most important breeding companies in the world with almost 100 years of experience and presence in over 80 countries.

The necessity of a perfect climate control the whole year round

The investment in a state of the art broiler farm by Cobb-Vantress, was done in order to develop and test the new genetic material for the Brazilian market. The necessity of a perfect climate control the whole year round was a must, special attention was paid to air quality and fully automated system.

Munters complete climate control package

Munters rose to the challenge and supplied a complete climate control package. The broiler house is located in Ipigua, 500km North-West from the city of Sao Paulo. Munters complete climate control package includes: Euroemme® fans; CELdek® MI-T-edg® cooling pads; Easycool water distribution system; IW wall air inlets; GPn air heaters and Farm Premium P climate controller. All of the equipment is automatically operated in order to maintain the climate defined by the farm manager during the life cycle of the birds.


  • All house functions can be managed by the Farm Premium P climate controller
  • Animal growth is optimized thanks to the IW wall air inlets supplying minimum ventilation in colder period without causing cold drafts on young birds.
  • Fast response to sudden ambient temperature drop by means of flexible GPn air heater, controlled from the climate controller
  • Effective wind chill effect is created by high airflow performance WF50 tunnel fans