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Take a look at the videos below to get an idea of how some of our solutions creates the perfect climate.

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Munters DryCool

Munters' award winning DryCool™ Standard System removes more moisture with less energy than any other DOAS by combining Munters advanced desiccant dehumidification technology with packaged refrigeration. 

Energy efficient solutions for datacenters

How Munters Oasis Reduces Energy Costs by 65% at one of Europe's Largest Datacentres

Energy efficient fans for agricultural ventilation systems

Reaching the highest level of efficiency with the new EC52 with Munters Drive. The fan design is based on Munters long experience in the ventilation field. Munters Drive bases its operating principle on Electronically Commutated technology (EC). It runs cool and quiet, offering up to 60% reduction in electrical usage.

Mist Elimination

This video briefly showcases the Munters solutions for process industry and it was part of our booth media in Achema 2015.

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