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Disease prevention in livestock

Disease in Livestock

From the producers’ point of view, livestock disease poses a threat to the farm economy. Production and productivity can be heavily affected since a sick animal produces less milk or eggs and meat quantity.

Uncontrolled livestock ventilation can create animal health problems such as various illnesses due to draft, cold spells or excessive levels of ammonia, aggressive chemicals found in manure or disinfectants.

There are ways of preventing diseases from entering and spreading in livestock housing. A confined space where bio security is practiced, equipped with a climate control system is an efficient and cost-effective way of managing diseases.  The confined building reduces the risk of rodents or wild animals to enter the structure and spreading of diseases.

From a geographical point of view, clustering of livestock production intensifies the risk of one livestock population being infected by another. One way of reducing this risk is to use chimney fans, the exhaust air is moving upwards in the atmosphere. Another option is to use filters to filtrate airborne viruses travelling on dust particles or droplets.

Munters can help reducing livestock diseases and solving animal health issues by our climate control systems to assure the perfect climate throughout all stages of livestock production, maintaining farm productivity and avoiding losses.

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