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Munters rotor energy recovery

How to cut the energy consumption for reactivation by up to 30% 

Do you happen to have one of the much older and still steadily running Munters dehumidifiers operating in your facility? Like Munters and most other environmentally concerned companies, you might also be focusing on reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint? If YES, Munters can provide retrofit solutions to optimize the energy efficiency in these older units, securing energy-efficient operation years ahead.

Since the majority of the energy required for the desiccant process is used in heating the reactivation airstream, significant energy savings are achieved by recovering the energy in the reactivation cycle.

Internal energy recovery systems for the rotor reactivation process can be installed retrofit in a wide range of bigger dehumidifiers (e.g. MX, MA, MCD, ICA, MTS & MDU Series) offering energy savings up to 30%, typically with a short ROI of around 2 years or less.

The Purge sectors can easily be installed on-site by our skilled Service Teams and do not involve any external rebuilding – most of the work is done inside the dehumidifier itself.  


Energy Efficient Upgrade. Specifically available for HCD-9000 retrofit and HCE retrofit.

How it works:

  • The desiccant wheel rotates slowly between process and reactivation airstreams.
  • The majority of energy required for the desiccant process is used to heat the reactivation airstream.
  • The heat from the reactivation sector then passes into the process airstream, increasing cooling loads.
  • The unique patented PowerPurge saves 20-30% of total system energy in two ways: 
    • It recovers waste heat from the hottest section of the desiccant wheel and uses it to help with reactivation.
    • It reduces the discharge temperature of the process air, resulting in lower energy costs for post cooling.

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