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Munters takes the lead in LCA

nov 14, 2023

Munters is the first among its peers to use Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to measure the carbon footprint of its products, setting the standard for the rest of the industry.

In 2022, Munters decided to start measuring the carbon footprint of several of its products throughout their entire lifespan, including the use of raw materials and their disposal. The initiative is part of its sustainability journey to reduce its emissions in all stages of the business. It allows R&D and product development to understand where there is room for improvements to make the products even more sustainable.

The products that have gone through a Life Cycle Analysis so far are the company’s dehumidifiers, air treatment systems and air-extracting fans as well as both wet and dry data center cooling technologies.

The LCA reports compiled with engineers from the R&D department and product development were presented to Bureau Veritas who performed an audit.

"We now have ISO 14021 certifying that our units were subject to LCA methodology according to the international standards 14044 and 14067," says Michelle Marrone, Global Eco-Design and Sustainability Manager at Munters. "The feedback from the auditors was very positive. They said that we are the first in this industry segment to embark on this journey and encouraged us to develop and propose a product category rule, which we have already initiated a public process for. This means that future LCAs for dehumidification will be carried out according to our PCR conditions, creating a level playing field for all the actors in our industry."

The application process for PCR will take approximately one year. Meanwhile, Munters will be running Life Cycle Analysis on several of its other products, such as its CELdek and GLASdek pads, Rotem Trio controllers, and new dehumidification units to be launched onto the market in 2024.

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