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Paint coatings for shipbuilding, bridges, water towers, offshore platforms, automotive, aircraft and chemical tankers require low humidity to ensure coatings bond properly to surfaces. Ambient dew points cause condensation on cool metal surfaces effecting coating finishes significantly.

Water-based lacquer painting with desiccant dehumidification provides high drying capacities at low temperatures. The smooth high-end finishes with powder slurry lacquer painting is achieved using Munters dry air systems.

Munters industrial dehumidification makes it possible to paint industrial components in optimized environmental condition, eliminating condensation, and allowing self-polishing co-polymer (SPC) contractors to blast and paint during the most extreme conditions.

Munters helps painters and coaters stay on schedule, meet specifications and assure a quality finished product. Using desiccant dehumidification on painting & coating projects helps the industrial painter hold the blast, prevent flash rusting, blistering and paint failures.

Munters desiccant systems control humidity conditions over long blasting periods. Painting crews can complete an entire blast in one cycle and the dry air can be delivered over long distances energy efficiently.

Improved paint quality

Moisture condenses on any surface that is colder than the dewpoint of the surrounding air. Controlling the humidity prevents rust bloom which results from condensation on the metal surface that is being coated. With precise humidity control the electrolytic cycle can be broken, and rates of corrosion are significantly reduced.

  • Prevent rust bloom, blistering and curing failures
  • Provide optimal conditions for surface preparation
  • Deliver specified humidity conditions
  • Eliminate work delays
  • Improve application of surface paint
  • Control/reduce moisture
  • Condition interior spaces during renovation/repair
  • Conform to coating spec requirements (i.e. Navy)
  • Improve life of coatings

In paint spray booths the air passes the air through a desiccant dehumidification system, which removes moisture and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) before it is sent to the paint spray booth. Munters systems remove volatile organic compounds from the process air and the heated regeneration air exiting the dehumidifier can be routed to a thermal oxidizer, which destroys the volatile organic compounds contained in this air before exhausting it to the atmosphere.

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