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Ventilatoren & Lichtfilters / Afzuigventilatoren

ED series

ED series

The ambition of Munters is to achieve sustainable solutions that provide both environmental and economic benefits for its customers, and so, driven by the European Ecodesign Directive, we have introduced the new Euroemme® EDHE exhaust fans series.

  • Fan housing and venturi made of the corrosion resistant material Munters Protect
  • Each motor is individually tested for 100% quality control
  • Family members of the time proven Euroemme® fan range
  • High airflow capacity with excellent energy efficiency
  • Low power consumption (EDHE series)
  • Direct drive system (EDHE fans)

Het vergelijken van producten in ED series

Euroemme® ED24 Exhaust Fan


24 inch

Euroemme® ED24HE exhaust fan


24 inch

Euroemme® ED30HE


30 inch

Euroemme® ED36HE


36 inch

inch 0

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