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Replacing old Munters dehumidifiers ensures more energy-efficient operations

J.P. Salmon A/S i Esbjerg fungerer både som røgeri og fabrikationsvirksomhed. Her arbejder 120 personer med forarbejdning af laks, hellefisk, ørred, tun etc. som afsættes over hele verden. I slusen mellem produktionslokale og fryselager mødes den kolde luft fra fryseren med den varmere og mere fugtige luft fra produktionslokalet og dette skabte problemer af både praktisk og sikkerhedsmæssig karakter.

Munters dehumidifiers in use for more than 30 years

Vordingborg City and Nyraad are supplied with water from Moerkeskov and Bakkeboelle Waterworks where Munters dehumidifiers have effectively protected installations, pipes and building structures from moisture-related damage for more than 30 years.

The two waterworks were equipped with Munters M200 and M600 desiccant dehumidifiers. They kept humidity levels low enough to deal with condensation on cold surfaces, which is a common issue for waterworks in the summer months.

Time to upgrade
M200 and M600 dehumidifier production stopped more than 25 years ago, making it very difficult to produce spare parts.

The dehumidifiers have been covered by a Munters ServiceCaire™ agreement ever since they were installed. The agreement includes an annual service visit which, to Vordingborg Water’s full satisfaction, has ensured stable operations over the years.

Recent waterwork renovations and the closure of a smaller, older waterworks added new users, and signaled that it was time to upgrade to new dehumidifiers.

Munters proposed two new, future-proof MLT dehumidifiers. Moerkeskov waterworks upgraded from the old M600 dehumidifier to the new MLT800 unit, and Bakkeboelle waterworks upgraded from the M200 dehumidifier to the new MLT350 unit.

Modern and energy-efficient solutions
The new MLT dehumidifiers saved money as they are more energy efficient. The new dehumidifiers feature a built-in internal rotor heat recovery sector that reduces the installed power required for regenerating the dehumidifier’s rotor.

The MLT800 dehumidifier is also equipped with Munters’ latest AirC control system. AirC is a future-proof control system that provides great flexibility and functionality to ensure the dehumidifier is extremely energy-efficient.

After installation Munters also executed the final start-up and commissioning of the systems. This ensures accurate air volumes and the correct setting of various control parameters. The operation of both dehumidifiers is controlled by a dew point controller, where a set point of about 6°C prevents condensation.

Happy customers
Vordingborg Water were glad that they chose Munters.

Ole Frederiksen, Vordingborg Utility states: “After many years of stable and satisfactory operation, we have replaced our old dehumidifiers with new, more up-to-date systems. The upgrade ensures a more energy-efficient operation. We continue to have our new facilities covered by a ServiceCaire™ agreement so we don´t have to worry about maintenance. Munters takes care of that part, and should we need it, we are always provided with quick and efficient help.”

Read more about Munters ServiceCaire™: www.munters.com/service

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  • Modern and robust dehumidifiers manufactured from corrosion-resistant Aluzink®
  • High energy efficiency
  • Internal rotor heat recovery
  • Future-proof control system

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