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Spray drying and fluid-bed systems

For demanding processes, such as drying of milk powder, coffee, yeast, etc. in spray towers and fluid bed systems, hygiene and energy consumption are major issues.

Controlling the humidity level using Munters dehumidifiers ensures constant conditions around the year and provides an improved hygienic environment without growth of micro-organisms.

During the adsorption process, the air passing through the specially designed Quantum™ rotor is dehumidified by up to 14 g/kg whilst also being heated, reducing the need for a post-heater in the process air.



  • Faster drying processes in spray towers, fluid-bed systems and during coating, providing increased production capacity
  • Munters' unique, bactericidal certified Quantum™ rotor with high DeltaX
  • Energy savings up to 25% in spray tower drying thanks to elimination of pre-cooling
  • Improved hygiene, through the elimination of wet surfaces


Health, Safety and Hygiene

Munters rotors are subject to continuous development. Independent tests undertaken by the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (SIK) have demonstrated that Munters rotors have beneficial bactericidal and fungicidal properties. 


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