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Actualización de Controles

Renovar los sistemas de control de los equipos Munters antiguos permite obtener una mejor eficiencia energética con varias formas de control más flexibles que las anteriores.

El sistema de control Munters Climatix es nuestro standard en la mayoría de los sistemas de mayor tamaño fabricados en la actualidad. Los clientes con sistemas anteriores, también pueden aprovecharse de las ventajas de este sistema:

  • Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, BACnet IP y opciones WEB para conectividad remota.
  • Control completo de sistemas de pre-tratamiento, post-tratamiento, calentamiento, enfriamiento y humidificación.
  • Posibilidad de registrar datos.

Contacte con el Servicio de Asistencia Técnica Global  para obtener más detalles.

Munters air handlers type HC, HCD, MDS and ICA are all high quality air handling equipment designed and manufactured for controlling climate conditions years ahead. These work horses typically originate back to the 90's and most are still steadily operating.

At the time of production Munters chose to have Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 PLC integrated for exact control of the equipment.

Up until now, Munters has been holding stock, supporting and maintaining these controllers. Allen- Bradley has now discontinued the product and ceased supporting this old version, and Munters' stock has been exhausted.

Munters has an update solution ready for you to avoid problems related to discontinued controls.

What would work best for you? 1:1 Replacement or a Complete Control Panel Replacement?

We offer a preventative upgrade of the controls to avoid problems related to uncontrolled climate conditions in the event the control stops functioning. To safeguard future and troublefree operation, Munters recommends taking timely action as retrofit packages are tailor made for each customer, requiring some lead time.

Munters is now offering two alternative replacement options (please see below). Contact us to schedule a Munters Technician to evaluate your equipment and provide recommendations for the best replacement solution. Whichever solution you choose, Munters will provide a solution with minimized down time during installation.

1:1 Replacement Complete Control Panel Replacement

Unit operation with basic functionalities will be exactly as before. Munters technician will install the new PLC in a separate enclosure, typically, placed on top of the equipment.

This solution is an easy-fit, as the wiring will be connected to the terminal blocks (where the MicroLogix 1000 was previously located), and all interconnection wiring will be in appropriate conduit. Munters will provide electronic wiring diagrams and program sequence.

PLC solution:

  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200. A simple replacement option for customers preferring the Allen-Bradley brand.


This more extensive upgrade consists of a control enclosure containing a Siemens S7-1200 PLC with digital HMI panel. The control is tailor made, based on customers needs and requirements.

All electrical components are pre-wired and factory tested, allowing for easy installation on site by a Munters Technician. Munters will provide electronic wiring diagrams and program sequence.

This upgrade allows for adding advanced features compared to your existing Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 PLC, like:

  • Connection to existing BMS system
  • Remote communication (BACnet, Profibus)
  • More humidity and temperature sensors for more exact and energy efficient control
  • Remote alarm


AB fitted

To provide a quotation for the best solution for your control upgrade, please e-mail us the Munters Shop Order Number and Serial Number (nameplate data) at

As the new controls unit will be configured using the program of record for your existing unit, it is essential that you advise us of any modifications that may have been made.

If you already have a failure, please contact us immediately, as we have a limited supply of short term rental MicroLogix 1000.

 Download this Product Sheet as a PDF file by clicking here.

In case of questions, please call us at 1-888-349-4335blobid0.png (24/7)



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