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Air Pollution

Air pollution is an ever-present problem that affects many industries, from the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to contamination of sensitive materials in the manufacturing process.

Many countries now have strict policies relating to air pollution, which represents a potential cost and logistics hurdle for many businesses. However, Munters offers solutions to help reduce both, VOCs in waste air and to reduce contaminants in inlet air to protect processes sensitive to pollution.

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Munters mist eliminators have been designed to help protect the environment. The mist eliminator prevents droplets from escaping into the environment, helping you meet legislative requirements and avoid sanctions. An efficient mist eliminator makes a clear contribution to the improved functionality of the overall process as well as protecting downstream equipment and infrastructure by preventing caustic and corrosive rain onto plants and buildings and by extending the service life of your plant. It serves to capture the solvent liquid, thus minimizing the cost of cleaning the gases. Munters also provide Zeolite Rotor Concentrators to the pollution control industry for low VOC concentration applications. Many local oxidizer manufacturers assemble complete VOC abatement systems based on the zeolite concentrator technology pioneered by Munters.

Munters provides Zeolite Rotor Cassettes for adsorption of VOCs from the electronics/semiconductor industry, TFT/LCD manufacturing, printing/packaging, coating and paint finishing industries.  Munters uses a mix of zeolites to cover a wide range of VOC molecule sizes and Munters rotors are 100% inorganic and therefore, have zero risk of fire.   Thanks to its sturdy aluminum construction, Munters zeolite rotors are corrosion-resistant and lightweight.  Rotors are available in multiple sizes to handle a wide range of flow rates.

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