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Market trends

Favourable fundamental global trends driving attractive long-term market growth.

Munters supplies products to customers that operate in global industries, such as food, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and agriculture, that serve fundamental human needs. 

Munters benefits from several long-term global trends:

  • Climate change is an important megatrend
    Munters is benefitting from strong global drivers and trends that support the use of advanced solutions for climate control. Perhaps the most important megatrend for Munters is climate change, with a focus on resource efficiency, where the Group is well positioned and can be part of the solution for a more sustainable world.
    Around the world demand is increasing for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for indoor climate control, which help Munters’ customers reduce emissions. Achieving global climate goals will require major investments and force more companies to take responsibility for and ensure sustainability throughout the value chain. Contributing to more efficient use of the earth’s resources is an important success factor.
    Increasing data traffic, greater use of cloud services and a growing number of connected devices are driving growth in industries that are exposed to digitization. Digitization also opens up doors to new ways to create value and interact with customers. One example is offering connected service and support.
    The increased focus on climate change and resource shortages due to population growth around the world, as well as a growing urban middle-class that consumes more animal and vegetable-based protein, are driving demand for energy- and resource-efficient solutions. 
    There is an increased understanding of the impact of climate change on productivity and product quality. Specific types of production, such as production of lithium-ion batteries, require an extremely precise climate. Even stricter regulations and increased control traceability in livestock farming and food production are driving demand. 

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