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Water & Waste Water

Water & Waste Water

Failing equipment and aging pipes are some of the biggest challenges of water treatment plants. Often caused by humidity, condensation forms when warm, moist air meets a cold surface. Drying away the problem with heaters isn’t effective since it won’t lower the dew point, which is the point at which air becomes saturated with water vapor. If not treated, condensation can corrode both water pipes and sensitive monitoring equipment. This presents a risk for costly unplanned maintenance or even production stops. 

Osnabrück Süd waterworks runs condensation-free

Facility Manager Frank Kurowski greatly appreciates the condensation-free environment, low cost of building and pipe maintenance and, most importantly, the mold and corrosion-free conditions created by the Munters dehumidifiers. An absolute necessity at a water facility subject to strict food authority regionals

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Avoid downtime and unplanned stops

High humidity can lead to a dramatic drop in the electrical resistance of insulating material, which can cause current to flow across the surfaces of water plant monitoring equipment, and current can even flow through the air. The condensation that forms when humidity levels increase can cause operational disturbances due to malfunctioning electronic equipment. Malfunctioning electronic equipment can cause unplanned stops. Water treatment facilities need to be shut down to fix these problems, and that costs.


Prevent corrosion at your water treatment facility

Condensation is a constant challenge for water treatment facilities, especially during the warmer summer months. Even in cold climates water in piping is usually colder than the air, which even makes waterworks situated in these climates susceptible to condensation.

Unless managed, condensation can form on sensitive monitoring equipment and steel piping, and over time this can lead to corrosion. This corrosion can damage remote monitoring equipment and corroded piping can discolor drinking water, and even lead to structural site failures.

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Prevent mold formation

Microbial growth begins to take place between 50-70% Relative Humidity (RH). In waterworks, humidity can easily rise to these levels, causing condensation on pipes and walls. Such a damp environment becomes unpleasant and may eventually pose a health risk to staff.

Unless moisture is manually removed then condensation can build on sensitive water treatment monitoring equipment and steel piping. These condensation droplets can then fall onto surfaces below. Mold growth in water droplets may begin to smell, and in the worst case could pose a health risk to staff.

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Control climate with dehumidification

Using Munters dehumidifiers will help you prevent corrosion and ensure piping and remote electronic monitoring equipment don’t malfunction and perform as designed. Prevent mold and bacterial growth and eliminate unplanned stoppages by keeping your waterworks running at 100% with Munters optimized dehumidification solutions.

Munters dehumidifiers are designed for energy efficiency, are easy to install and maintain, and come in many different sizes and configurations, depending on the needs of your water treatment facility. They track actual conditions in real time, measuring humidity and temperature to ensure that the unit only runs when there is a risk of condensation developing, giving you energy-efficient, floating dew point control. And you can even remotely monitor your Munters dehumidifier using the Munters Connected Climate (MCC).

A Munters dehumidifier will keep humidity under control, reducing risk for malfunctioning electronic equipment and keeping your water industry running by preventing corrosion, electronical malfunctioning, and unplanned stops.


Get the right dehumidifier

Munters offers a wide range of robust, quality desiccant and refrigerant dehumidifiers for commercial and industrial use.

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Munters Services – with you all the way

With Munters as your services partner, your air treatment equipment will receive the attention, care and maintenance needed to reach its maximum life expectancy. Throughout each phase of the equipment life cycle, the knowledge and expertise of Munters Services will ensure optimal operation, minimum energy consumption, and extension of the life of your investment.

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