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Power Generation & Distribution

Power Generation & Distribution

Create more efficient power production

To optimise your mechanical equipment, you need to create the right environment. High humidity causes condensation, corrosion and rust, which in a power plant or wind turbine, causes problems with gas turbines power performance, pumps, switchgears and electronics operations. This could lead to start up failures after maintenance outages, with fines for non-delivery.

Munters equipment ensures that power plants and wind turbines are protected from corrosion and stay in perfect condition - all this for a fraction of the cost of a new plant or equipment.

Also fouling of power plant systems due to dust ingress, liquid or salt air can be reduced with Munters' mist elimination techniques.

Munters technology has been successfully used in over 320,000 installations worldwide.

Gas Turbine Evaporative Cooling systems result in more energy per cubic metre of natural gas.
Munters high efficiency evaporative cooling media pre-coolers increase the combustion air density by reducing the combustion air temperature. Using Munters adiabatic cooling media power output is increased by at least 5%-6%, and up to 60% in very hot or dry climates.

  • Increase power output
  • High turbine efficiency
  • Low operating cost
  • Short payback

Lay up / Standby perfectly preserved ready for quick start up

  • Prevent corrosion and condensation
  • Humidity control for turbines, boilers, piping, reactors

Wind turbine climate control

Reliable prevention of moisture damage and particle ingress in wind turbines is very important to avoid short-circuiting and damage to electronics.

  • Prevent corrosion, mould and condensation of towers and nacelles
  • Ideal for land and off shore
  • Low energy consumption
  • Stop rain, hail, snow and particle ingress

Compressor Stations

  • Preserve standby gas compressor systems
  • Reliable low cost operation and maintenance

Mist Elimination to increase filter life and improve output with cleaner air there will be less fouling of filters resulting in improved efficiency, which improves output and saves money.

  • Increased operating time
  • Reduced pressure drop to improve gas flow
  • Lower maintenance

Moisture control and dehumidification systems for power plants from Munters can help provide the right solution for your industrial applications. Contact us and let our team of application experts provide you with Your Perfect Climate.  




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